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The Saboteur


For the last couple of weeks I have been on the waiting end of the editing process for my manuscript, which means I haven't done any writing.  Over these days I began to hear a familiar voice poking at my self confidence and commitment to this project.  I began to question the life changes I've made to allow more time for writing.  I began to question the value and worth of the memoir I am writing.  I have seriously considered walking away from the whole thing.  Idle time is not my friend.  It allowed for that inner critic, the saboteur to seep into my thoughts and get a strong hold on my confidence.  I hate to admit it but it took all of these two weeks for me to recognize her and her ways.  It's such a familiar, long standing pattern that for the last two weeks I simply accepted it.  Until, that is, I recognized it for what it is.  This inner saboteur has derailed me more times than I'd like to admit over my lifetime, but not this time.  This time I am fighting back.  This time I am going to stand up and walk away from her taunts.  I will put pen to paper, or more likely fingers to keyboard in these modern times, and I will push through.  I am making a commitment to write everyday, even if it's not on the manuscript and I will wait with excited anticipation for the next chapters to arrive from my editor.  And I hope that the next time the saboteur shows up I'll be ready...