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Tea and Crumpets

Yesterday's post seemed to ring familiar with quite a few people.  We all struggle with many of these same things, which I suppose is why I chose to write about life changes.  I love hearing from people here, and it was my friend Constance who reminded me of a simple truth.  Simple, not easy.  She offered in her amusing, gentle way that we should greet our saboteur with tea and crumpets rather than trying to do battle as I had suggested.  I had to laugh as she is so right.  We need to welcome this part of ourselves as we do all parts and sit with them with kindness not anger.  Then and only then will they begin to melt away.  They'll come back again of course but embracing them not fighting them is the key.  This is the truth for all of life changes isn't it?   The harder we fight the stronger the opponent grows but if we can soften and allow our fears, doubts, or whatever we are facing to simply be with us we can lessen their power and move forward on life's path no embracing the changes.  A simple yet profound reminder.