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When the student is ready...

That old saying, when the student is ready the teacher appears, has been running through my mind of late.  Perhaps it's because I as the student have welcomed a couple of teachers to walk this part of my path with me.  It's not easy to be open to what is placed before you.   Often running around in haste trying to meet the everyday demands of life, blinding us to the very things we need.  When we have the chance or make the time to put ourselves first, it's amazing what shows up.  Who shows up.  Take my last post for example.  Constance appeared to remind me that we need to embrace that saboteur not fight against it.  My editor, Nickey has come to teach me so much about the art of sharing my story, myself.  Theresa, whose guidance and encouragement have given me the courage to explore all of who I am, Ela who is teaching me to let go and accept, and Christine who is teaching me to see life more optimistically, to believe in myself and to dare to make my dreams come true.  I am blessed.  I wonder who has shown up in your life and what they taught you when you were ready to learn.  I'd love to hear your stories and hope you will share them here.