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World Suicide Prevention Day


I couldn't let today go by without acknowledging that it is World Suicide Prevention Day.  It saddens me that we need such a day, but the truth is that while there has been progress in shining the light and lessening the stigma, this issue remains one we speak of only in hushed tones.  Hushed tones certainly are louder than any words spoken thirty some years ago when I lost someone I loved dearly to suicide.  Hushed tones, though aren't enough.  In fact maybe we need to be shouting.  We need to be able to have the word suicide slip off our tongues as any other word might, and not instead choke it back or worse pretend it isn't there begging to be set free. We can't continue to sit silently while others suffer and feel forced by shame to get through their struggles alone.  No one should feel so alone that the only viable option they see is to take their own life.  And no one should ever have to suffer the very unique, self blaming, all encompassing grief and unanswered questions of 'Why' as those of us left behind have had to do.
I hope that you will all take a moment to reflect on this issue and not be afraid, or ashamed to talk openly about suicide.  It sure would be nice not to have to write about this anymore...