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Trusting my cape

I had my first mini meltdown the other day.  I was thinking about money and how in the world I was going to afford to spend a year in Ireland. Or more importantly what I was going to do when I return to the U.S. penniless. After much of the day with a tight chest and a real fear I might not really be able to pull this off, Christine called.  That may be enough said for many of you, but in case you don't know, Christine is the one who always patiently listens to my angst de jour, reasons with me and when that doesn't do it, she reminds me to listen to my heart, put it out to the universe and to above all trust my cape.

 Finally, I was able to take a deep breath, and bring my attention back to planning.  So, I looked at the conversion charts and noticed the cost for Euro was dropping.  Should we buy some now just to have?  Keep watching to see if it continues to drop?  Well, we decided to wait a bit longer on that before deciding.

In the meantime, Christine met a woman with a connection to a family living in Dingle.  What are the odds?  Someone to potentially help us on our journey?  These kinds of serendipitous moments must be a sign from the universe that we are on the right track. Right?!?

And while Christine is awaiting an introduction to the Dingle connection, I have gotten a response from Sarah, the manager of several holiday homes who has agreed to speak with the owners to enquire if they'd consider renting for a year.

All in all, I'd say that since my meltdown, things have become slightly more clear.  I still haven't answered the question of my house, nor the question of whether to bring Fergus.  I think I may be in denial about Fergus.  I'll trust Christine will talk me through that one when it hits.  For now I am taking each step as it comes and I am for the first time in my life excited at the possibilities life offers, for Dingle and beyond.

Keep checking back for more updates...