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Down for the count

I find myself alone today.  Christine has unfortunately found herself in bed with a terrible sinus cold.  I know most of you are saying, "wow, I would've thought Mary-Elizabeth would be the one to get sick."  Alas I am well, for the moment.  Rest assured I am using my Halo(if you're not familiar with it you should be) and keeping my distance.  You learn a great deal about someone when they're sick-I've had that opportunity more than once these last months.  I'll spare you the details, but suffice it to say Christine does not want me hovering-her words-and prefers to be left alone.  So, I've been busy writing and out walking and visiting with a new friend.  More on that later...

I last left you with our laundry debacle.  Its been days and still my sweatshirt hangs on the kitchen chair waiting to dry.  We tried again with a lighter load and found ourselves locked out of the temperamental machine.  We both stood back staring at it in silence hoping that shining red light would go off and the clenched jaws of the beast would release and allow us to retrieve our pants. As you might have expected, we hauled the rest of our laundry up to the launderette and spent too much money-but our clothes were dry.  And no, my banking issue has not yet been resolved.

We have met a couple of people in town, both of whom have dogs.  This is perhaps the most significant part of the new friendship as I miss my Fergus more than I ever imagined.  Okay, maybe the fact that one of the women is a world famous cold water swimmer and motivational speaker should trump the dog thing, but really?  No. It is fascinating to hear her stories of course but to be able to pet and play with her dog-that's the real treat.  Fortunately she shares my love for dogs so is completely in agreement.    

Christine is up and its time for me to make to figure out the oven and celsius temperatures----pathetic...