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To the lighthouse

As I made my way to the harbor for my trek to the lighthouse I was greeted by the grey heron.  The same grey heron that greets me each day that I walk along the harbor.  I have come to count on its being there and realize how much I seem to find comfort in things I can count on. Maybe it's the Capricorn in me, I don't know, but I like hearing the street sweeper go by in the morning and seeing the neighbor with legs like mine, I call "big ankle Mary" walk past our house every morning and every evening.  There's a comfort in that level of the familiar, probably why when I bought Christine and myself new hand crafted coffee mugs I instantly felt settled and at home in this new house.  

 Thoughts came into my head like the tide rolling onto the shore below me as I continued on my walk.  A German family passed me and we smiled our greeting, reminding me of my time in the coffee shop the other day.  There were several families with babies and young children all from other places speaking different languages.  I smiled at each of the little ones and in return got smiles, giggles and waves of hello.  In that moment of smiles I understood the universality of the smile.  No matter the language a smile can be warmly shared by all.  I understood too, what a stark contrast the universality of smiles is to the universality of the grief work I had been steeped in for years.  And the blessing it is to experience them both. 

Just as I reached the lighthouse the clouds filtered the sun casting long grey shadows onto the sea.  I made my way to the opening in the wall that allows for a climb down the rocks to the water.  Standing there, high above the water I felt my body relax in the way it seems to here and I cried at the beauty of the place.  I have seen some beautiful places in my life but for some reason I feel a deep soul connection to this place-ancient even.  Some say a shared memory of generations past, or a past life perhaps, who knows.  I'm not even sure it matters only that it is.

 I spent some quiet time writing on a rock, had a little picnic of almonds and chocolate and climbed around the rocks before making my way back to town.  I noticed as I was leaving the lighthouse the grey heron was there. I noticed too as I walked it followed alongside me all the way back into town.  Whenever I stopped to wander around the rocky shoreline searching for treasures it did the same.  It went this way the whole trip, and in fact has everyday since.  A certain comfort...