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Discovering treasures

This morning's weather alert stated thunderous downpours and spot flooding would pose possible disruptions. I love how they word things here, but that's the subject for another day's post. I decided it would be a good day to stay indoors and work.  That query letter for an agent isn't writing itself and last minute edits needing to be to the editor before Monday aren't being cleaned up by the writing faeries.  So was the plan...

A lull in the rain prompted a rush to the grocery store for provisions. Work could wait another hour surely. The air was warm-nearly sixty degrees again and patches of blue dotted the sky. Once the provisions were neatly put away Christine suggested,"We should be out while we can."  I popped up out of my window seat, not needing much to tempt me away from my work, and announced the walking route we'd take today, ending with a walk along the harbor.  The tide would be out which meant treasure hunting would be perfect.  

Once at the harbor we headed out to our favorite spots for finding sea glass and broken bits of pottery.  We've been here a month and we have pounds of the stuff.  We've decorated the house with jars of colorful sea glass and I have a basket-purchased from the thrift shop-filled with my pieces of pottery. Today was no exception to the bounty of treasures waiting to be found. 

There's something meditative and yet playful about wandering the shore looking for treasures.  I could do it all day long.  I never get bored.  Each find different than the one before.  The water softly lapping onto the rocks, boats coming and going, Funghi the famous Dingle dolphin sometimes swimming past, and of course the heron following along on my travels centers me.  It clears my head and allows me a chance to play, and I realize how important that is.  We allow so little time for being quiet or for playfulness and I am blessed to have worked so hard to make this time here a reality.  

The day is falling into night as the darkness settles over the town and my letter isn't written nor my edits completed, but I am at peace and giggling as Christine scrubs our treasures with bleach making comments about some of the really unique pieces we found.  I guess the "possible disruption" well worth it...