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Home in Dingle

Finally we have arrived at our new home in Dingle, Ireland.  The path here, for me at least, wasn't always easy, but nothing worth doing ever is.  That's what they say anyway.  I trust that this year will be well worth it and look forward to all that it will offer.  So far, it has been good "craic" or fun as they say here. 

We arrived early in the morning to a heavy blanket of fog.  Made driving interesting, especially after not sleeping for over 24 hours.  It wasnt all that bad and I have to admit, I am, as Christine says, "an excellent Irish driver."  Besides, when necessary Christine would yell out, "Left.  More left," to remind me of how close I may have been to the center line or then again, "Less left," when she was frightened at how close to the verge I was.  After all, on the other side of the verge is very often a shear cliff down to the Atlantic.  In all we made it safely to Dingle where the fog lifted making room for brilliant sunshine and warm temperatures.  

The weekend was a buzz of activity hosting the ninth annual Food and Wine Festival.  I've never seen so many people crammed onto the streets of Dingle.  The foods were amazing.  Chefs from around the world gave cooking demonstrations, including the founder of the New England Culinary Institute(NECI). Music filled the town day and night. And when we tired of walking through town we could sit in our window seats in the kitchen overlooking Green St. and watch the goings on. It was a fun way to start our time here.  

The window seats in the kitchen have become a favorite spot of mine. Christine enjoys it too, but I imagine my constant announcements of who is coming and going might start to get on her nerves.  I dont think the newness of it will ever fade for me-I am an observer and love watching what is happening on the street below.  In fact as I write this the people in the coffee shop window are watching me watching them.  They laugh and seem embarrassed when I smile and wave to them.  In fact, it's time now for a break so I'll head over for a cappuccino and say hello, and finish this a bit later...