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A Comedy of Errors

So far, today has been a day of errands and chores.  Despite continued issues with my bank, we were able to purchase some new pots and pans. Sadly, the ones furnished in our house aren't all very suitable.  After securing a large stock pot we made our way to the farmer's market and to the Fresh vegetable and fruit stand to gather supplies for soup making. I was warned by the woman selling me my vegetables that when people come to stay here as we have they never leave.  Hmmm.  Time will tell...

We now have a counter filled with fresh veggies, herbs, and of course potatoes awaiting their inclusion into the soup I have no idea how to make.  It will no doubt be a cooking adventure this year as I am the designated cook--good thing Christine isn't very picky.

Then it was time for laundry.  Now we have both used the washer/dryer combination here in Ireland before, but this one is a bit different. We decided washing towels first would be the safest option.  So, we studied as much as the little pictures offer and decided to just go for it.  Next, the detergent.  I expertly twisted off what I assumed was the plastic cap only to find that the opening for dispensing was on the opposite end of the bottle.  Noticing my dilemma, Christine took the bottle and its cap to read the directions.  Our little bottle of Faery soap offered little in the way of help as Christine described the little pictures and their corresponding "x"s .  Suddenly I realized the little cap I took off must be for measuring which we both agreed was stupid and of no use to us as we had a measuring guide on the dispenser on the machine.  Besides, we couldn't yet admit our own stupidity around this whole process.  Again, Christine asked if there were any directions around the dispensing area.  Alas, there was.  A picture of a woman squeezing the bottle with detergent spouting up into her eye, with an X over it.  After a fit of laughter, we decided to just forge on and take our chances, mindful not to squirt ourselves in the eye.  Soap in, towels in, door locked and fingers crossed.  

Now it's off to the recycle bins-I think we will be able to mange this, but one never knows.  Everyday cant be filled with four hour walks along the shore gathering treasures from the sea like yesterday.  And treasures were bountiful-we have tons of sea glass to add a touch of color to our house.  The best piece by far was the brown glass with half a shamrock and the word 'Dingle" on it--what could be better?  It has a special spot sitting on the mantle-and not many things get approved for the mantel...We're being very creative in how we use things so as not to spend money unnecessarily.  The pots and pans were necessity remember.  

The washer/dryer machine is still running as I write and I'm not convinced it'll ever stop, but I'll be sure to update our progress here as it unfolds.  In the meantime, I must run and tend to yet another banking issue.  Till next time...