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Fresh Gusty Winds

Today I write from the hall window. It's the place the internet is strongest.  I've made an office of sorts here and despite it being the coldest possible place in the house to sit, it is somewhat cozy.  The small bedside table I borrowed from the guest room sits beside me, holding all of our computers, books, adapters, etc.  On the top, there are treasures we found while wandering the shore.  Pieces of slate hold the candle holders which in fact are bottoms to bottles smoothed by the ebb and flow of the tide. They add to the light from the window, which in these dark days offers very little.  They make it seem warmer too.  Next to them is a thick, wavy piece of seafoam colored glass that serves as a pen and pencil holder.  We have been very frugal and creative in our decorating. And I have to admit-it looks pretty good.

The wind is howling as the third storm in as many weeks rages on shore and across the country.  First was Abigail.  Christine and I went out to the harbor, barely able to walk against the strength of the wind and giggled our way around town. We captured moments on video to share with friends.  It was good craic, as they say. Then came Barney.  I braved that one alone.  A treacherous and dangerous walk to the lighthouse, nearly kilIed me.  A few falls that day and one almost over the cliff into the sea all captured on video, but not shared this time. And now today, storm Clodagh.  A quick trip to the hardware store's 30% off sale for a few Christmas items was the extent of our time out. Frankly, if not for the sale, we'd very likely have stayed in the entire day.  No trip to the harbor, no wandering around town. I guess the novelty has worn off some and It just isn't all that funny anymore.

The weather forecasters here tell of the "fresh gusty winds" we can expect.  They make it sound so nice.  As if these dangerous storms were something we'd be happy to have blow in.  After all who wouldn't enjoy a nice fresh gusty wind?  Maybe it helps them ignore the fact that it's been dark, rainy and windy for the last three plus weeks.  Even the locals are tired of it.

Maybe its the darkness.  We have about 7 hours of daylight now, although most days its hard to distinguish between night and day. So, people are getting restless.  Fortunately, there are quite a few happenings around town to keep us busy.  A Thanksgiving party and dinner at a local pub, an evening of poetry at the cafe across the street and this weekend will bring the Walking On Cars music festival.  Walking On Cars, is an Irish band-famous here at least, and with them will be nearly a hundred other musical acts throughout the town.  The weekend will finish with the lighting of the town's Christmas lights strung along all the streets and the town's Christmas tree as well.  A parade, shopping, food and festivities will bring us into Christmas and the New Year, which no doubt will find me back in this window sharing it all with you.

So, it all evens out in a way.  The dark, stormy days and nights filled with every possible gathering and celebration helping to move winter along. I'm not sure when the next storm will come, or if we'll see the entire alphabet of storm names used this winter, but I know it wont be long before the days will last long into night and I'll be glad for having had this time to go within.