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The Talk of the Town

While much of the country prepares for the Superbowl today, I thought I'd take time instead to share updates on the plans for our year in Dingle. Today, is after all, St. Brigid's day - the first day of Spring in Ireland. 

I met with a local realtor and spent a couple of hours talking about my home, my plans and how she might be able to help me with house decisions.  She will prepare and present a packet of valuable information for me by week's end. With this new information, I will be better equipped to make necessary decisions.  Selling or even renting have their pros and cons so I will wait and gather as much information as possible.  In fact, new, infant ideas have burst forth and are percolating as I write.  Keep an eye out here for more to come...

Decisions about Fergus still keep me somewhat anxious.  Particularly with the recent developments related to his medical condition.  So, I practice being present and taking every day as it unfolds.  I'm trusting that I will know what I need to, when I need to. 

Christine and I have been busy making contact with several different people in Dingle, which may not sound like much but Dingle is not that big a town-especially at this time of year.  In fact I was giggling thinking about the locals out at John Benny's, Adam's or maybe at Garvey's Super Value asking, have you heard about those American sisters contacting the entire town in hopes of finding housing?  They fancy themselves a year living here among us.  That'll be a year for them I'd say. And so the talk will have been started, which I hope for our sake will be beneficial. We are hoping for news any day. 

So, that's sums up this last week.  We continue to watch the Euro and in the course of this week we will explore getting permission to stay in the country beyond three months, purchasing health insurance, and online banking options.  

Check back here as usual for continued updates, and as always we welcome your comments, thoughts, and suggestions.