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The Sleeping Giant

I had the luxury of taking the rental car back west to Clogher Beach by myself last night.  It's a treat to have access to a car, but to head off to one of my favorite spots to spend some alone time was a precious gift.  

It was early evening and very few people were around.  Camera in hand I made my way onto the rocks at the edge of the high tide mark.  Grey clouds covered the sun and a fresh gusty wind ushered the waves into shore.  The thunderous pounding water as each wave broke was nearly deafening. Sprays of ocean shot up along the cliffs and over rocks higher than I'd ever seen.  It was amazing.


Setting my camera aside I decided to just sit and watch.  That's when I noticed it.  The Sleeping Giant.  It's the northern most island of the Blasket island chain off the coast in Dun Chaoin.  I've always known it was there, but never actually noticed it before.  It looks just like a giant asleep on his back facing the skies above.  I actually laughed out loud when I saw it, clear as day, a sleeping giant.  How did I never notice that? You really can't miss it.  Yet somehow, like so many things in life that I see all the time I never really noticed.  There he was, undisturbed by the rushing, pounding tide in front of him.  Perhaps the water is a comfort to him, the calming he needs to stay asleep out there in the Atlantic ocean. I suppose it's how I was finally able to see him.  The chance to just sit quietly amidst the rumbling, splashing ocean waves all around me, insisting that I simply be present in each moment. It was mesmerizing and all thoughts vanished my busy mind. I sat in awe of my tiny self next to the power and strength of the ocean before me, soothed by the peaceful presence of the giant.

At first, it struck me odd that I hadn't noticed the giant before.  I'm an observer, a noticer by nature. Then I realized I have spent so much of my energy noticing and observing over the years in my work that maybe I haven't brought that to the rest of my life enough.  It's part of why I'm here, I suppose.  To find my authentic self, notice the gifts that I'm given every day, and know that I deserve all this world has to offer.  

Imagine, the sleeping giant reminding me to be awake!