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Summer Solstice

Three months.  That's all that's left to this journey, or I should say to this part of my journey.  It's hard to imagine that the majority of this year in Dingle is behind me now.  Sitting on the red bench next to the church enjoying the sun and people watching the other day, a sudden whoosh of sadness oozed its way through me, as I felt for the first time how much I am going to miss being in this place.  It has and continues to be an amazing experience.  One I'm certain I won't have a full understanding of for quite some time.  That's how these things go really, don't they? Unfolding bit by bit over time.  Not time as we define it, maybe, but when the next bit is ready it appears, I suppose.    

The summer solstice is upon us, so the time is now to set my intention for what's next. According to the Celtic calendar, this is the time between Beltaine and Lughnasadh.  Beltaine, the time when all that was planted and beginning to bud now flowers.  Lughnasdh the time for ripening and preparing for the harvest.  It's the time to step into the light and live your gift and express creativity.  To be all that you have been growing, to overcome resistance and move toward the harvest.  

Setting my intention for the next phase of my journey happens now so that I can move into it ready to harvest.  "May I see and celebrate the triumph of life and light as it is expressed in all that flowers in me at this time."  A simple prayer for this time from spiritual teacher, Delores Whelan.  One that reminds of the solstice and its meaning.  So, taking all that has come since Samhain, the start of my journey, I will take the time and space to now set my intention for what's next.  

I invite you to do the same if you're so inclined.  I really have no idea where I'm headed or what exactly I'll do, but that is has been a part of my journey since its inception.  It's worked out really well so far and I have faith that it will continue to bring me right where I'm meant to be. Of course, if you have a spare room, or some work to offer, keep me in mind.  Have to be realistic too...

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there...and get ready for the summer solstice :-)