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Here it is already arrived and happening. Lughdnasadh, the beginning of the harvest season.  The time to gather all that was planted during Bealtaine.  While this is a simple explanation of this time, and there is much more mythology behind it, you'll have to wait for my book to get the fuller descriptions.  For now, I want to focus on the harvest.

It's been quite awhile since I spent time on these pages.  I guess you could say that after having claimed my authentic self, planted the seeds for the gifts I have to offer the world, and made my intentions for the next leg of this journey, I've been busy nurturing and allowing the necessary growth for eventual harvest.  And here I am beginning Lughdnasadh, the harvest.  My path continues to unfold with each new day.  While I have begun my harvest, it is still too early for the total and complete plan to be in place.  Pieces are beginning to show themselves to me however and I am both excited and nervous about where I will find myself at the end of this year in Dingle.  

I suppose its not unlike where I was this time last year when I was taking a leap of faith to make this year in Dingle possible.  It's time now for another leap.

Some exciting news is literally just weeks away while plots and plans are being hatched for next steps beyond that news. I'm looking forward to sharing once all the various pieces come together. One thing I'm learning is you can't rush any of this journey. It unfolds as it will when it will - something I still have to remind myself.