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A Sunny Day

I was awakened this morning by brilliant sunshine streaming through the skylight.  I had to squint when I opened my eyes, so I sat on my bed wrapped in the warmth of the sun for a few moments before adjusting to this light. Perhaps this experience of sunshine seems insignificant to write about, but for me, here, it is everything.  

It's been an entire week since I last saw the sun.  A solid week of cloudy, windy, rainy days is a long time. So to be greeted this morning with sunshine is not only a blessing but a motivation to get up and out so as not to miss a single moment.  Everyone in town appears to be reacting in the same way.  The entire energy of the town changes when the sun shines.  People here are always pleasant when you pass them on the street no matter what the weather.  "you can't change it" their mantra, but on a sunny day, the air actually vibrates at a faster pace.  Voices are strong and clear, movements quicken, yet shouts of "gorgeous day" lead to a chance to stop, chat and linger for a time.  

My own energy and mood, I have come to learn, are deeply affected by the light or lack thereof.  I never realized this so keenly as I do living here in Dingle.  Darkness swallows me almost immediately.  Winter was difficult enough for me but the continued darkness is often a chalenge. So when the sun does shine I am grateful.  I never take it for granted anymore and I notice those around me don't either. I appreciate it and soak up every second I can.  It's not that I don't appreciate the darkness. Darkness offers its own gifts that are necessary for reflection, for example.  It's just that I understand now how clearly the light affects me and how I've had to accommadte for it. Today, though the sun is shining.  Blue skies dotted with white fluffy clouds and calm winds call me to be outside, a part of this gorgeous day.

Funny, the things you can learn about yourself when you make the time to spend alone.  It isn't always pretty but it is necessary to truly keep moving forward on your path.  

I'm giggling as I write this(I write everything long hand first) because I can see the shadow of my hand and pen on the page I'm writing.  Isn't it fabulous?  I'm going outside now...