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Last from Dingle...

Our year in Dingle draws quickly to a close. It's hard to imagine that at this time next week I will be back on the other side of the pond.  This year has been incredible in ways I haven't even realized yet. I've shared some of this journey here and of course in the book I am writing on this year and some of it will stay forever with me.  I am blessed to have had the courage and commitment to myself to make this year happen.  I'm blessed too with having the gift of my sister, my friend to have shared the journey with.   

Yesterday we were fortunate enough to have sunshine so took our last walk out to the lighthouse.  The rolling crashing thunderous waves below us reminded me of the power this place has for me.  There is an energy here like none other.  Perhaps it's the Quartz below us here, the pure beauty of the place and its people.  I don't know in my head why it is but I know it in my heart and soul this is my home.

 I had no idea what the year would bring and I certainly didn't think I'd have started to make a life here or have to say goodbye to people I care about. People who have helped me along this journey to myself.  Especially my Imeall group💜.

im looking forward at the same time to seeing familiar faces, family, friends and of course Fergus. Life is funny that way.   

 So, as I head off to prepare for our last days in Dingle, I simply want to say, thank you. It has and continues to be an amazing journey...