Mary-Elizabeth Briscoe

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I began this blog of Life Changes in order to share some of my process through life's transitions and to learn about some of yours.  I'm reminded that it's been 78 days since my last entry here and I realize that life's transitions have been all consuming leaving little time, energy or even interest to be honest, for writing.  A scary feeling since I am focusing so much of my life now on writing.  But these last days have found that spark within burning it's way into words again and so I write today.
The journey back from Dingle was incredibly difficult on every level. Hardly seems possible that we're back three months already. This transition ended up being so much more challenging than I ever imagined.  The details dont necesarrily matter, only that I had no idea how drastically different my life would become upon our return.  And yet, the timing of our return couldn't have been better in some respect.   Bitter sweet I suppose.  

Now that my life is starting to settle some I recognize how quickly I allowed what I had learned in Dingle to start slipping away.  It's only now that I am reaching within and reconnecting that I remember the ways back to myself.  The place where all of what was, is and will be begins.  I suppose we all get sidelined sometimes, and it's important to be gentle with ourselves around that.  The key maybe is to always make space for the quiet moment where we can reconnect.  It's only from that place that we can truly embrace these life changes I think.

It's important to say too that not all of what faced me was difficult.  There have been some wonderfully unexpected moments that I cherish.  And perhaps the most important one for mentioning here is about my first memoir.  I am excited and proud to share the news that my book, The First Signs of April will be published with She Writes Press and available September 5, 2017.  I can't wait to have it available to share with you.  Your comments and feedback continue to motivate and inspire me.  Which is good because I am now beginning to work on my next book on my year in Dingle.  
Life changes for all of us and mine aren't any different really than anyone elses.  I suppose that's why I write about them-they're universal even though our responses to them may not be.  I wish for you to find quiet moments to reconnect to your center allowing us all to connect more fully with one another.  And maybe that's what its all about, after all...