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A Morning Walk

It's been quite some time since I last visited these pages. Life happens I suppose and so time slips away with my focus on other things.  

My recent birthday had me reviewing the last year and looking forward to the next as it always does and I realized just how unsettling this last year has been. I'll spare you the details, and instead acknowledge that as I am finally settling into a new home, I am finding the energy and inspiration to get back to the current path my journey is taking me on.

On my morning walk today I took a trail through the woods that lead to a path along the shore and up over the dunes.  Although the temperature was mild the cold wind blowing mist off the water and ice was biting.  Not cold enough, however, to keep me from exploring this new place and finding treasures. With each step, I was curious to see what was around the bend in the shoreline or on the other side of a dune.  In fact, thinking I might have seen a turtle way out beyond the ice, and knowing that it's common to find stranded sea turtles this time of year I even slid my way out across snow, ice and well, yes pools of seawater before realizing it was not, in fact, a turtle.  I clumsily made my way safely back to the sandy shore grateful that not only was there no stranded turtle, but I too made it back alive and well, albeit slightly wet and cold. 

As I continued to make my way back from my adventure I stopped a moment to offer thanks, grateful for the sand, sea,  trees, wind, all of it.  And in that moment I stood, ocean before me, woods behind me and thought, "I'm so insignificant."  The power and the beauty of each of the pieces of nature around me seemingly so much more than I could ever be.  So I thought, turned back to the woods and headed toward home.  

I walked listening to the creaking of tree limbs against the wind and feeling the way the pine needles softened the ground beneath my feet in a sturdier way than the shifting sands of the dunes, and I wasn't just me walking through this place.  I was this place just as the trees, the pine needles, the sands, the sea and the winds were.  We were each of us part of it all, and I knew in that instant I had been wrong.  I am significant.  Just as all of these parts make up this incredibly amazing and complex world, I too am a part of that.

I am significant, and I have a responsibility to honor not just that which I walk through or among, but myself and every other being I meet along the way.  Today I honored the trees, the sand, the sea, the winds...and I honor myself living among them and a part of them.